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Take a walk around your property to look for cracking in the driveway, walkways, or pool deck. Freezing and thawing is rough on concrete, asphalt and other hardscaping materials.

Fill cracks with concrete filler or silicone caulk. Asphalt can often be patched, but damaged concrete may need to be replaced entirely.

Repair any cracked or peeling paint. A good paint job makes your home look nice, while providing a protective barrier from the elements. Touch-up painting is easy to do and inexpensive.

If you’re planning to repaint your home’s exterior this year, spring is a good time to set it up. Contact WKPS to help.

Beginning in March, be on the lookout for termites. If there’s a bunch of winged insects flying out of a hole in the woodwork, that’s probably termites. Call a licensed professional pest control company. You’ll save money and trouble in the long run.

Crawl spaces have vents along the foundation walls to provide air circulation and prevent critters from getting in. Clean the vent screens by hand or use a shop vacuum. Repair any damaged screens — critters can get through even the smallest holes.

Make sure outdoor water systems—pipes, faucets, and in-ground sprinkler systems—are in working order.

Sealing and staining your driveway can significantly give the front of your house a whole new look. Depending on your driveway, this can be an easy to do task that you can complete over a warm, dry weekend.

Improve the look of your home by giving your siding a good cleaning. A garden hose and a brush with a little bit of detergent can restore your siding so it looks like new again. Or, contact WKPS and ask about our pressure washing treatments.

If you notice that your well pressure has decreased and water is coming out slowly from your taps, a likely cause is sediment buildup. Clean your faucet heads and get a new filter. If you live in an area with high sediment content, changing you well filters regularly is a must. You will probably see a dramatic change for the better with the flow of water.

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