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Inspect hose faucets for freeze damage by turning on the water and placing a finger over the opening. If that stops the water flow, the pipe may be damaged.

Turn your sprinklers on to check if the system is still working properly. Look for leaks or broken sprinkler heads. Adjust them so they spray the grass rather than the house, sidewalks or porches.

Check your garden hose for dry rot.

Check the washing machine fill hose. A leaky hose under pressure can cause major damage in a short period of time, so you want to look for cracks that could become leaks.

Drain your water heater, since sediment builds up in your water heater tank. Use the spigot near the bottom of the heater to drain it. Also be sure to lubricate the circulating pump and motor. By doing so, you’ll prolong the water heater’s life and reduce your electric bill.

When you think about everything that goes down the kitchen sink, a good yearly cleaning for the disposal is definitely in order. Simply feed a tray of ice cubes through it while running cold water.

Unscrew faucet aerators, sink sprayers, and showerheads. Soak them in equal parts vinegar and water solution. Let them soak for an hour, then rinse with warm water.

Check for leaky faucets, clogged drains, and sweaty pipes. Fix if necessary.

Check under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to make sure connections on pipes and hoses are properly sealed.

Look for any wetness around the dishwasher that could signal an existing or potential problem.

Check washing machine hoses for cracks, bulges or dampness.

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